Joni Wyche

Harlem bornJoni Wyche began her singing career a teenager, singing at events around the New York Tri-state area. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Hunter College, in Communications. Joni went on to perform with Shango, an Afro-centric dance company, and also sang and danced for Lavinia Williams, an acclaimed dance historian.

In the field of show production, Joni worked as an executive, producing conferences, banquets, parties, and trade shows. She was also a key executive responsible for running the largest toy show in the Western Hemisphere, Toy Fair.   

Joni is a recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award from the National Association of Business and Professional Women. She has been featured in Fast Company magazine, and is quoted in Dan Pink’s book, FREE AGENT NATION: The Future of Working for Yourself.  Along with her team, she received “The Greatest Show on Earth Award” from Trade Show Executive magazine.

Joni now focuses on what she loves best – singing.  Joni and her husband, Lorenzo, enjoy making music together and sharing it with world.  She sings—He plays. 
It’s a perfect combination!