Joni Wyche


Joni Wyche was born in Harlem, NY. Her love for singing began at the tender age of four, when she started entertaining family and friends by belting out songs, using a brush as her microphone. By the time she was in the first grade, her public school principal ushered her around the building to sing Christmas carols to all of the classes. She also had a talent for writing, and found inspiration for poems and short narratives all around her, creating new pieces just about every day.  

“I love to sing. When I was a little girl, my mother quenched her thirst for music by playing recordings of everything from the classics to R & B, and I sang along.”  - Joni

In an earlier season, Joni earned a B.A. in Communications from Hunter College, and set out to conquer the world of advertising.  But life took over, and she found herself in the trade show business.

During her career in corporate event management, Joni managed conferences, banquets and trade shows.  She also did a ten year stint as an entrepreneur, promoting her brand of event management while acquiring an impressive roster of clients.  Later, she returned to corporate America as a key executive responsible for running the largest toy show in the Western Hemisphere.   Still, she was engaged in the arts – singing, dancing and writing along the way.  She currently maintains "Pieces of Me,” a blog comprised of “pieces” of her life and musings.

“Throughout my years as a corporate executive, I never gave up my creative side.   During the day I ran events.  At night, I studied ballet, jazz and Afro-Caribbean dance, penned a newsletter, wrote poetry, and worked with vocal coaches.”   - Joni

Joni is a recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award from the National Association of Business and Professional Women. She has been featured in Fast Company magazine, and is quoted in Dan Pink’s book, FREE AGENT NATION: The Future of Working for Yourself.  Along with her team, she has received “The Greatest Show on Earth Award” from Trade Show Executive magazine. She performed with Shango, a Haitian dance company, and she also sang and danced for Lavinia Williams, an acclaimed dance historian who gave lecture/demonstrations all over the country.

Retired from corporate America, Joni now focuses on what she loves best – singing.  Joni and her husband, Lorenzo, enjoy making music together and sharing it with world.  She sings/He plays. 
It’s a perfect combination!!!